11 Years Ago

The candlelight lost its light that evening.  I was in shock and numbed.  Nope, I wouldn’t weep with the nightmare unfolded in front of my eyes.  How could that tragedy quickly be forgotten?  I was indeed unequipped for the worst.

My brother was in a rampage and he was so outrage that he tossed the Christmas tree placed in the living room.  The darkness couldn’t conceal the truth that I refused to accept eleven years ago.  All of us were totally scarred for the pillar of our home was taken by the Grim Reaper.  On that day, my dreams died and I felt helpless and weak for the first time.

Papa, thr scrutinies were there.  We lost you and we were financially drained out.  Nonetheless, what people didn’t know that you taught me and my siblings to be survivors.  Thus, abiding your teachings, we managed to escape the lowly pit where you left all of us.  

Thank you for the values that you instilled in our hearts.  Thank you for believing in each of us despite of our flaws.  With God’s grace and your invisible guidance, we made it through… Papa, we are no longer broken.  We continue our journeys in the paths where we can excel and bring us happiness.  As we move forward, we carry you wherever we are in the world.  We love you, Papa!  I will forever love you!


My Papa was kind and generous.  He was very patient and slow to anger.  He did his best to let me see the best in me!!!!


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