Once Trapped


‘I love you,’ words from my heart
‘I know,’ you looked faraway

‘I love you…’ I whispered gently
‘There’s someone else,’ you said

‘I LOVE YOU!!!’ I yelled out loud
No answer and you walked away

Who said Judas didn’t pay?
King Herod marched with regrets
Babylon will fall, the end is near
The reign of a vile maiden
Apple tree bears no passion fruit
A trap of misery that I escaped

I have no control of the future
Still grateful for I am a victor
Despite the gender discrimination
The hierarchy, the outsider
Worthless efforts, unseen outputs
Look at my work, not my clothes!

‘I loved you.’ Perhaps, I did
Somehow I have forgotten
I’m free and the best door opens!!!
I loved you but I valued my life
Do you think that I’ll weep again?
Always smiling for I am alive!!!
God is with me and I love Him more…



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