My Drawings Come to Life

This animation and narrative poetry I composed and created for my project. So many days of hard work paid off!
The Storyteller (Animation and Poem by Gen)

In my tender age, my Papa narrated
A story untold by your elders

“Once there was a girl,” Papa began
“Dwelling in the kingdom of her creation
She was so little, they exclaimed
Yet, her mind had no limits
And her good heart was strength!

Her imaginary buddies were countless
Inventing stories out of patterns
Painting rainbows in her head

Indeed, no one could see what she perceived!
Although she was queer, still loved by many
Yet, in the land of crabs, the verdict was unjust!

Exiled amidst stones and skyscrapers
A choice of isolation in her monastery
Entangled in the web of deceptions and lies
The masquerade ball hosted by Lucifer

Broken and hopeless, clinging on faith
In losing she found her triumph!”

“Will she ever be gleeful, Papa?” I asked
“My dear, happiness is a state of the mind
In stretching her wings for greater heights
Unpredictable flight of ups and downs

Despite it all, she must unravel
Love is not hidden but shared
It is not only written but given”

“How will the story end, Papa?” I asked again
“My little darling, she has a lifetime to live
More and more chapters to scribble
And this story will be told by her, all over again

After all, it’s only the beginning…


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