Bad Bald Eagle

You know the way
Yet, you let me be
How it amazed you
And I am a fool!

First time, a novice
Pair of bias critic’s eyes
The expert is the basis
What will become of me?

A fury in cold silence
Gunshots aimed within
My dreams all gone
Died with your words

Bald eagle, I’m not you
Why let my flight be?
I won’t be same as others
Apologies for incompetence

Bad bald eagle, hate me
For being such a moron
Discouraging utterance
Slaughtered my drive

Bad bald eagle, let my try
Rubbish they maybe
Means so much to me
Please, give me the chance….


What was said wouldn’t put me to sleep… Papa was right, art was not for me— No matter how I tried, I am still awful… No beginner’s luck this time!!!


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