My Old School, Sci-Hi…

cebu city national science high school

To better prepare each student with the tasks, activities and responsibilities that lay ahead, each must pass both written (conducted on the 3rd Saturday of February) and oral (conducted on the 2nd Saturday of March) entrance examination.

All applicants must be part of the upper 10% of their graduating class and must have at least a grade of 85% in Science, Math, and English and 83% or above in all other subject areas in any grading period or the equivalent grade as to the grading system used by a school as duly certified by its principal. Pupils graduating from Science Elementary Classes are required with a grade of at least 83% in Science, Math, and English and 80% in all other subject areas.

The examination is in Science, Math and Mental Ability with which the examinee must get 83% and 80% of the total score in Science and Math, respectively, and at least an above average IQ. Hence, all successful examinees qualify for an interview that tackles all subject areas. The screening committee determines the top 175 students (formerly 140) who have to confirm for enrollment. Finally, all 175 enrollees should attend the school’s orientation program as scheduled together with their parents or guardian. (Source:

Cebu City National Science High School Promotional Video


It’s not all about the wits and battle of the brains… Sci-Hi is the place where I found the greatest friends in the world… They were not just bunch of good-looking brainiacs with unusual outlooks in life for they were scholars with true hearts.  My teachers taught me academic lessons but I learned a lot more from my peers.  Thus, I surpassed the challenges and struggles in school because of the wonderful friends I had… True spirit of camaraderie engraved in my heart wherever I am in the world. Looking back, I had my share of  teenage issues in my youth and felt undeserving to the warmth of my Alma mater.  Nonetheless, as where I am now today, I would like to tell my old self, ‘you’re thoughts were incorrect for you owned that seat in Sci-Hi’s classrooms…”.

I am from Sci-Hi, the place I used to call as halls of tortures, truly contributed to what I am today.  Thanks to all my best and greatest friend, Wilunz… and to Ruth, Hannah, Cindy, Armi, Edson, Red, Janelz, Tiny, Anadz, Mitoz… and also to all my classmates and friends… and to my teachers as well… I wouldn’t make it without them!!!  If I raised the white flag then, I wouldn’t reach this far and farther more…. Oh, I used to be known as ‘Achapz, Piaggy….’ what else???  So many things to jot down in such limited time… I needed to sign off for its closing time…. Got to head home and reminisced what my life used to be in Sci-Hi….


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