Facing a Cruel Man

The uneasiness and silence in the room. He stepped out with all the suspicions in his mind about events that he only pictured in his head. He doesn’t care whether you are a female for he is nothing but an inconsiderate, indolent and insolent mournful fool. So quick to jump into conclusions and without second thoughts, he composed an email to his superior containing complains with no proof. He wanted to throw the stress he can’t handle to someone else.


After the conversation, I felt the injustice on my shoulder and bursted into tears. How dare him to find fault on me? Is it my fault he deal his job and the pressure is so much for him???? I am not into the fight and confrontation. His cruelty turned me into someone sensitive and vulnerable. I wanted to walk out. Fortunately, my colleagues were there to comfort me. Unashamedly, I just kept on sobbing into tears.

Someone came to my aid and their concerns hopefully be yours too. What a cruel and rude man he is???? Making up stories unreal… Do you have balls or what??? I don’t say a word to him!!! Go to hell where you belong…. There are so many instances when he badly and rudely treated me… God is my sole witness!!! My colleagues said to ignore him since my conscience is clear. Besides, so many said I am good to have because I am knowledgeable and good-hearted…. Others said good words except one cruel man whom trying to destroy me.



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