My Chapel of Tears

(Below are the lines that I composed for a friend.  I am not a lyricist but I gave this favor a chance)

In the chapter of my life
I was young and so in love
To a naive and sweet girl
Avowing one day she’d be my bride
In the old chapel, we’d be one!!

Faraway chasing my dreams
Why let him steal you from me?
Am I late for our wedding day?
Don’t utter our promise to him?
My bride is waltzing with another man

Sinking in my chapel of tears
Baby, how can I live again?
The feelings will forever linger
My love is true and never-ending…
Take me out from my chapel of tears

Giving love so many chances
Your memories always haunt me
Moving on but I can’t forget
Still wanting you in my arms
Without you, trap in my chapel of tears

(I hope this idea will be approved.  Oops!!! Back to be a ghost writer again)



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