I Miss My Captain


If you were me, you’ll surely whack the face of Mr Old Grumpy Leech…. I’ve never known anyone grumpier than the dwarf, Grumpy.  Got the nerve with his unfinish business and showed up in my class with that face!!!! Can you define respect????

I slept on my trip to school… The teacher asked about the assessment and only HIM crossed my mind…. the one whom cheer me up and never fails to make me laugh.


Oh, my Captain! I truly miss you!!! Can you hit his always long face with your fist? What a lame bastard who doesn’t respect women with low self-esteem and tons of insecurities.  Boss, put a spy cam and find out for yourself who always talk at the phone everyday and complain a lot…. See for yourself who delays the job!!!


And so my plan is to create an animation based upon you… I will do my best, my Captain!  Help me, Lord!


Xoxo… nyt… nyt… miss you and see u again… xoxo
Let’s tango… luv u lots♡♥ Mwaahhhh☆♡★

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