Midnight Cooking

I am engrossed with my work-related tasks.  In addition to that, I needed to be prepared for the upcoming assessment of my evening classes.  When I had everything done, though it’s really late, I took the pan and the ingredients needed for my meal tomorrow. Whew!!! This Cinderella was not at the ball.  Nonetheless, when the pendulum swings twelve, my pumpkin transformed into something yummy.  At last, I am done and I learned to cook my meals.  I also tidied up the kitchen so that my kind landlord won’t be disappointed at me 😉


All set for bed!!!


The rubber trend among kids.  My niece made rainbow loom bracelets and iPhone casing for me.  Thanks to my creative and skillful niece.  Being artistic is truly in the genes and as they say ‘it runs in the blood’


Xoxo nyt nyt… what if ur up for the job….
Well, sweet kisses and cheer u up in my dreams…
Luv u and miss u much xoxo
😉 xoxo WAKE UP!!! 😉 BE BRAVE!!!! 😉


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