To My Adam


Like the river flowing from the east
The current of  love’s strong in my chest
You always stand out from the rest
You’re exceptional, simply the best!
My love for you is always the greatest!

My dearest Adam, you should have seen
The trees and grasses are so green
Come here with me, where you’ve been
A beautiful paradise, our Garden of Eden
You’re my king, I’m your obedient queen

To my sweet Adam, always have courage
Swipe away the disappointments and rage
Halt the protest and trivial rampage
Enjoy the ballroom at our center stage
Fly free with me, get out from your cold cage!


In my dreams, I behold your longing
The melancholy with the bird’s singing
Without you, my success is nothing
My Adam, something is always missing
Look closely, guess who is coming???



Xoxo good nyt…
Always remember
I will not forget
I’m always here for u
The choice is yours
Luv u more XoXo 😉


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