Fun in NAFA with Pixilation

Early in the morning, on my way to school, a pretty matured lady asked me how high were the heels of my shoes and if I could walk wearing them on. Funny, my P also asked same question. Seriously, I’m wearing my 5 inches stilettos from 7 am all the way to my evening class until 11 pm…. I can really walk with them on.

Work is tedious but I didn’t miss my class this evening. Then, together with my classmates, we produced this pixilation project. Btw, pixilation is defined as a stop motion technique where live actors are used as a frame-by-frame subject in an animated film (from ). It’s my first time doing this…. the emo story line is my idea but the entire thing is our collaboration: the POWER OF 3 MINDS. I did some of the frame shots. Although it was awkward to be in the frame, I managed it anyway. The title of this conventional animation is “Heartbreak and Hope”. I am tired but the output is worth it. It is really fun learning in NAFA. Thank you to my teachers and classmates.

There was no time to add the title slide and putting our names in the credits…. I love editing and so I did it 😉


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