Generous Hearts


Thank you very much to my thoughtful and generous student who baked two cupcakes for me.  They were really cute and tasty!!! Thanks from the bottom of my heart.


Then, another student gave me a treat at an Indonesian restaurant for dinner.  I am so delighted because one of them gave me sweet but sour Skittles candy too!!! Thank you girls for sharing your blessings with me 😉


It’s not about the gifts but how grateful they were with what I had done for them.  They were saying I am very patient at them and they learned something.  I am teaching MS Excel with them.


Well, no matter how those insecure people said against me… no one can break me because there are people who see my GENuine heart.  According to Pope Francis, saying negative against others won’t me you happy and the ones pulling you done are those with low self-esteem.  How pitiful you are!!! You uttered ‘xiao’ or whatever profanity in your language…. Well, what comes out from your mouth is who you are!!! Crazy…. Jerk!!!!


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