Do Not Read… This is Totally NONSENSE ;)

Tomorrow i will be here weeping waiting 4 u thank you goodbye indeed dc so few friends they say goodbye still here friend app where they want wear their hair. 1993 wish that i could be 5 north admin have with aurora movie right where they say all day wondering free wish that i could be writing this thing you wanna see you soon sexy su you get sims bedroom was pretty hey there pretty much you fix them

Melody how are you hey i want i want i want to say anything just a cc cc hi hello how are you doing hello hello hello sometimes they cannot recognise the pronunciation but not all you know hahaha uncle bully you so bad hello hello no i don’t want i want i want.GenDid, this girl is on fire jen baby girl this is grey and wei you then baby girl i hate this is just right denbigh how are you say a word. Roswell road gen grey adrian russell road gen grey hey where did say the same to me hello i don’t know if you what are you doing with your life i wanna say goodbye i don’t know what time your problem but it seems your gan you’re gone by and grab this correct you’re done it’s quite find mid suede my boyfriend big loose leaf blo we speak so where is one pacific sp7 something wrong with your thing g are hey there yeah nothing nothing nina nina nina wrekonize only wer misfits off facebook who are the grotto mere miss fifth of facebook for rhodora mermaid uk rhodora mermaid uk hello peppa pig hello hello hello hello baby how are you hello….


Nonsense writing courtesy of Samsung voice input… I am enjoying saying anything trying to test if it can recognize my pronunciation…

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