Take Me to Manhattan

Though I love my job still it isn’t perfect due to some people who are unhappy with their lives and made a fuss over trivial issues. It’s not my fault that they can’t manage their lives and their so agitated with the world. Please, don’t complain to me address your grievances to God… I am emotionally due to the disrespect this particular creation giving to me. Is there something I know more and I am quick in resolving issues… You’re only good at finding fault… Don’t talk as if I am so dumb to get the context of the conversation, gestures and tones…

Last Thursday, a young girl approached me and sold me a voucher offering 50% off at ‘The Manhattan Fish Market’. I shared my discounted voucher with my friend and gave a treat to her family too. This is a delayed blowout for my new job… You can be here if you want… At least, I felt relief this evening having them around… Well, this a dining experienced that I enjoyed…. I love seafood after all!!! Wanna try??? Thanks to my friend and her family for joining me… Let’s pretend that I am in Manhattan…

Something for my cute niece on her birthday… I also bought for my friend’s children…. This is me… generous and thoughtful aunt!!!

Something for myself… This comes free…


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