What’s Wrong Again???????


Many times the pain is so unbearable. I couldn’t help on wondering what wrong I did again. I was being thoughtful. I only made something to cheer up a friend on one’s very special day. An animated video with a comical twist, just for laugh…. It was not perfectly done but I exerted my effort and gave time despite of juggling with my chores, work and school. I was unable to draw… I can make not only anime characters but a lot more with permission and given time… Though it was an old painting of someone I knew…. The person whom used to know me very well. I made a call to check if you got it or take some time off… eat something new or got tickets for your old school’s play….

My family isn’t perfect but we are happy people. I have new colleagues and friends. I am doing volunteer work and I do my job very well. I attend church services and attend my classes. I am cheerful and funny…

I am wearing my affordable style. Saving money to restore my savings and pay my house at home’s monthly dues. In many ways, I am responsible and trustworthy. I don’t look awful. I am comfortable walking on my skin and confident of who I am.

Is there something wrong with me???? Why I still feel so hurt??? I love living my life. Yet, at times my beautiful dreams only bring me tears when I open my eyes. It is not about who is wrong or right… but what’s in the heart—

You just installed so much negativity against me, which are untrue…. Not ever once I let any man entered my door… I never pretended nor lied… Not even once, I took advantage with anyone… I am not WHO THAT OTHER PERSON THINK I AM!!! One day, you’ll know who is really true—


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