So Many Reasons to Live and Love Life

I opened my eyes and embraced my daily miracles daily. After praying, I am all set with my stuff and style on. All set for a morning walk underneath the sun full of hopes beneath the horizon. On my stilettos, walking calmly, there’s no pressure because the challenges and unexpected twists of my job and challenges make me alive. I have significance and my contribution matter no matter how trivial, I know extending a helping to others always bring smile to my heart. My boss is not disappointed at me and a colleague mentioned that they’re grateful to have me. See, keeping in touch with nature and looking forward with optimism are the things I am grateful to be kicking once more.

The technician is on MC today and I needed to cover up for him. It was a man one show. My boss was so concerned. I only smiled at him. No complains nor bad mouth others.

Today, I had lessons and love being in front and be with my class. Then, I brought one group of students to the green room studio for the recording. Well, my pretty girls were enjoying themselves taking welfies or group selfie.

I left my working place 6.30 pm and as expected I am late for my evening class. When I reached, my teacher was almost done with the discussion. Afterwards, it was so kind of him to give me one on one lesson.





It was a pair work activity… I love life for the opportunities to learn and explore, meet new friends, gained wisdom from others, and be thrilled with everything around me.

I love to watch ‘Deadly Women’ but I am not one of them. I am not the girl whom others badly described. I am me, love myself and love life…

Xoxo I luv u more… Miss u… Nyt! Nyt!!! Xoxo


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