Today is the Day I Celebrated

For today is no ordinary day…
How many hours I slept last night? Not more than an hour to finish my stop motion music video wishes. It was really a lot of effort and required a lot of work using Adobe Photoshop and Windows MovieMaker


I bought slices of cake not meant to be eaten
Lighted fives candles that either meant
‘I love you very much’ or ‘I miss you so much’
Is it alright I blew the candles and wished for you?
My greetings in the card, scribbled with honesty
I had two cute envelopes specially for you
They are not meant to be sent nor to be read
The gift I purchased for so long, never unwrapped
The portrait which I painted not to be seen…





The silence at the end for messages sent
Hope you’ve seen the video… It’s cute and funny
A lot of effort… My skills, my talents, my generosity and thoughtfulness..
This is me… This is who I am…
Xoxo wishing you the best
Love you very much
I only wanted to make you smile and be happy
Good night… Luv u more…



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