A Fight that has never been BEFORE

You think I am capable of the things that you accused me of
You deliberately presumed that I am the untrustworthy villain of the story
There were people who misjudged you, but I stood on your defense
I painted a beautiful picture of a man, an angel… a very good friend
Can you do the same for me? Will you ever know how it feels?
I guess you’re perfectly happy now and you’re surrounded by people whom you think that you needed and who’ll never turn their backs on you
On the other hand, I am aware that there are people who willingly be there for me
Yet, I took this choice not to hide in miseries but to embrace my independence and fully figure out life on my own
I had cold feet and doubts before I was fully entangled into your web
Nonetheless, in so many instances you were there to challenge my emotions and strengths
I am not blinded. I chose to feel that way and decided to trust my heart. Then, fully surrendered at its daring request
Do I have regrets? Nope, there’s nothing wrong to be strong… I am not a coward
I’ve been through a lot and little by little you perished when I needed you the most
My forms of coping up were misinterpreted… When those were the things I had to lift my weakening spirit
I accepted the truth but all essential love songs will always be played inside my heart
And when I gained the approval again, there’s someone who is trying to ruin me now
Treating me badly, looking down at my abilities and disobeying my role in the circle
It’s true, majority openly shows how they appreciated me and they’re verbal about their praises
One said, ‘you’re a savior, a goddess’ and another showed concerned of my welfare
I am pleased with what I heard and I am grateful to help others
There are so many instances, I can’t help on slamming the door that I almost break it… The tension is on the air… A rivalry invented by people with shallow minds…
I may not understand the language but with its context and tone, I knew how I am mocked. Backbiting right in front my face!!! Got the nerve!!!
What’s so great with the race??? Don’t be too arrogant!!! I am sorry if you’re grumpy and I look fresh and lively
I don’t list and countdown how many I served, I am joyful with what I am doing
Here it goes again, someone disapproved of me and telling people about what I am incapable of…
Nevertheless, unlike in the past my superior couldn’t depend me for this time I have the backup and support because like anyone else, he waited so long for someone like me
The howling and riot under my care, in my roof… A boy shouted loudly at another one
A big fight, pushing and harsh words… My angry eyes and my sealed mouth tried to mediate
I am not in the position to scold them. I was holding on to my temper and they were brought to where they were supposed to be
And so this is life, the battle continues but no fear can strangle me to death
The rage and animosity will perish and I am grateful I am not ruined by my emotions
Thank you Lord for listening to me when I have no one and for knowing the true beauty in my heart
Thank you for all the people I meet that in one way or another molded me to who and what I am today
The fight isn’t over… I am not the one weeping with regrets and no matter what I AM NOT DEFINITELY GIVING UP and I will always TRUST IN GOD…
I know everything is worth it and HOW HAPPY I AM TO SURVIVE the STORM!!!






Xoxo u know I luv u the best!!! Nyt, nyt… Flying kisses… Sweet dreams… Xoxoxo




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