It’s Alright, I’m Absolutely Happy…

The cutest mistake I ever made. I found myself giggling like a teenage girl who was infatuated to the impossible and similarity of the voice. Indeed, pretending that someone was someone else who truly meant the world to me…. It was not him but someone whom I’ll respect as a person but won’t care more even as a friend. Well, it was so careless and foolish me…. Of all people, not him (like almost my boss)!!! Isn’t it wonderful to be alive!!! And this is how I breath everyday….

I guessed with my four-inches stilettos I climbed the stairs ten times today and it seemed having a tour around school. The conflict at work… I don’t get it, why people think their job is difficult when it is fun and makes me energetic??? What’s the pressure when I am enjoying the challenges??? This is even more relaxing than before… Come on, this is more like a man’s job!!! Well, I won’t be an engineer for nothing!!! Now, I received the praises and recognition. I felt delighted that despite of the collision, my boss is considering my side. Yet, the most important I helped a lot of people and I made them contented. I only felt bad for my failure to do what is expected from me.

No matter what the other person against me, nothing can changed the fact of who I am… I don’t have a deadly disease and I am not sick in the mind… Whoever you are, in my ways I am too beautiful and great as a woman, a friend and God’s creation.

good night cute

good night
xoxo you know i luv u more than anyone else… Miss u so much… Clear your thoughts and calm your heart for I am always here…
happy birthday baby  3d

happy birthday2

happy birthday3


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