CD 09: Chill, My Friend!!!

Under watchful eyes
Trading freedom for love
I don’t cast the spell
Not a witch, judged as a bitch
I have my worries and troubles
Carefree, embracing my freedom
Believe in my dreams
Struggling to attain my goals
Full of hopes with faith in God

I share my worries
To be heard and to ease my pain
I am a damsel in distress
But not waiting for someone
Not a rescue but only love
If a knight in shining armor comes
He’s wise enough to see
My inner strengths
The goodness in my heart

Cheers! Worry not, my friend!
Don’t be ruled by wrong judgement
Don’t see me in a distorted way
You asked, ‘what u need me to do for u ?’
I only want to reconnect to a friend
I have the choices and I choose to stay
Not an evil person, a dignified woman
Although weak, feet on the ground
Trying to be strong, unbreakable
Don’t let the shadows swallow you
Chill, my friend for life is beautiful!!!
I cried, cried and cried…
Yet, I never give up at all
Pick up the pieces of my heart
Learned my lesson and love you still
Chill, let’s have some beer
Lighten your burdens
Make you smile again and again

Dear Lord,
Heal the broken friendship and mend the bond broken by pride and misinterpretations. Take away the thorns of misconception and wrong judgements. Take away the blindfold that covers the eyes to see the truth and the one with good intentions and truest heart. Heal the anger and may I bring happiness to people I truly love. Allow me to be there to someone whom I cherished with all my heart. This is not a fairy tale but in my heart I love truly… Once in a blue moon…

Xoxo luv u luv u… Miss u miss u too xoxo

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