Once upon a dream

The voice playing in my head
His unknown shadow in my dreams
The strangers silhouette in my sleep
The face I couldn’t recall in my waking hours
He said that I would find him somewhere
I believed it not, my queer imaginations
When I decided to live by the rules,
Be on guard and coated with steel
I am a friend but I am no man’s woman
Those dreams that haunted me
Became the stories in my reality
Unplanned encounters, sweet friendship
It was no dream and no speeches in my head
Then, suddenly I needed to disappear
Why it is I am always the one who got away?
I had no choice but to dash faraway
Accept the truth and rejoice for him
Being away was my hell and torture
I felt worthless and so inferior again
All I wanted was to hear and feel him
I put on my show, my craft to the rescue!!!
To ease the pain and keep him alive within
There were people who despised my art
But, I didn’t give up easily even hopeless
I battled with misfortune for a new me
I did it my way and found another home
Yet, his voice didn’t fade in my head
His face appears every evening
When the lights are out, he’s beside me
Twinkling with the stars, kissing me good night
Everyday I whisper to my beloved,
“Baby, I miss you and I love you the most ;)”





Xoxo luv u true… Nyt 😉 nyt 😉 xoxo

Visual art, lines effect… I learned last week… This one a total failure in between tears… No one believes me and it hurts because I only care and love very much…

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