For My Yoke is Easy

I woke up early as usual and did my take home tasks for a colleague. Then, I took a nap.

As my eyes were shut, I had my favorite dream with you of which I refused to wake up. I just wanted to let it happen and kept going on in my head… You spoke about the time that I would be late. Damn, you were so hot to resist even in one fantastic dream that made me forgot about my Sunday class. And as usual even in dreams you were always right. Indeed, I am late and left same time as what I dreamt. I only wished (and keep on wishing) that the certain part of my dream will be my reality soon… Will you let it be, my friend?


I had lessons with the girls. Afterwards, we ate early dinner after class at KFC in Parkway Mall. I told them that I needed to attend the mass in Holy Family Church. I am so happy to make it to the 6pm mass because the officiating priest was the archbishop of Singapore, Archbishop William Goh. It was my first time seeing him and I am honored to receive the holy communion from him. God, I did see him up close! I felt my prayer extra special in his presence. I prayed for my family’s welfare and for you above all…






Matthew 11:25 (today’s Gospel)
I lift up everything to God and life goes on…. I will always remember and despite how everything turned out I am still confident, determined and feel beautiful of who I am.
I am comfortable walking on my skin and not inferior to anyone else. I can claim that I am happy even I am missing you and wishing to be there for you. I am worried about you all the time. Thus, every time I have this feeling that you’re not alright, I will just close my eyes and pray. Then, I keep on convincing myself that your life is perfect and you’re absolutely happy… I have nothing to be concerned… So, I just whisper on my phone ‘take care and God bless!’ In case you’ll need me, I am always here… Don’t you know that I am here… BABY, I’m back!!!
Xoxo good night… Luv u much xoxo…😘


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