Heartily Yours

I am moving forward, meeting new people and view the world in a positive perspective. Starting to save for the future and continuing what was there. Upgrading with new skills and giving back to others through my talents. Much happier now because I surpassed a tragic chapter that taught me to mature and be tougher. Along the way of my journey, I kept on missing you and wanting to hear from you. There were so many instances, I wanted to appear at your door to tell you, ‘hey, I made it!’ I don’t feel less because I am not fond of comparing myself to others. Being me is worthy and good enough because I can love beyond and be there for the one whom I truly loved. I know what’s inside my heart and my physical imperfections nor my age are not stopping me to feel what I feel.

Misconceptions and errors in opinions can conceal the truth that possibly lead to jumping into wrong conclusions. Whatever judgements bestowed upon me won’t destroy the courage and strength I have within. I am only true to myself, a determined woman whom ready to embrace the adventures of my existence.





Xoxo I luv u the most… Good night, my baby xoxo



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