Happy Beerday!!!!


Perhaps, in everything that happened I learned to become a beautiful person despite of the disappointments, heartaches and failures. Even if I am badly scarred, I don’t turn to the devil’s temptations of quick solutions with a bonus of passport to hell. Nonetheless, I am grateful to all the good people who helped and understood me despite of my aloofness and indifference. I am sorry to all when I made the choice to stand all by myself to appreciate God’s blessings and my true beauty within.



I wanted to get wasted on a Friday night but instead of having a drink I cooked vegetable soup with pork. I still enjoy my day even if I am at home at least I can save money. But, I don’t mind if you come along… 😉

I love how my day turned out today. It’s Youth Day celebration in school. I enjoyed my moment in front during the discussion. Yet, I needed to be extra careful and watchful with my every move because the shadow on the wall might grow in size to swallow my dreams.


Get wasted tonight minus me… Enjoy your Friday night!!! Take care…
Xoxo Luv u the most!!! xoxo Good night!!!


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