I’m bound to you

And the stars make love to the universe

You’re my wildfire every single night

We are alive… and you touch me xoxox


No one forced her to wait but she remained the same
A lot of people said move forward but what it really means?
She’s not waiting for the apple to fall from a tree
She’s not trying hard to walk away to find magic
She’s not praying for miracles from the Almighty
She’s here, standing brave and smiling under the sun
Moving forward doesn’t mean to shop for another being
Happiness should not be attached to another person
It is finding joy within and be happy in what you’re doing
Moving forward is continuing to survive with courage in the heart
Believe in yourself and be the best in everything you do
Continue to search for knowledge and finding wisdom from others
It makes me happy when you are worry-free
I know you’re perfectly happy, then I feel the same
But it hurts a bit because I can’t hear your laughter and see your smile….
I am not stuck in the past, I only keep the beautiful memories in my heart






Xoxo miss u
Good night
Luv u more


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