MY FIRST… 1st of July

It was beyond what I am supposed to do and out of nowhere and without apparent explanation. I was blamed, ignored and forgotten. Yet, I remained courageous and true. In spite it all, God knows that I am not the bad fruit and everyday I always try to do my best and strive for goodness despite of my imperfections and temper. I have done wrong, and I am broke and broken. Nonetheless, I won’t just let myself drown to my rues and miseries for I have so much to live for and look forward.

Today is my first…
First lesson for the 3rd term with new set of students. I am not the one who was tense because I gave the tension to my kids for the activity I gave them… A quick video dry run of the what is expected in the lesson by individual self recorded introduction of each one of them. What experienced they had today will always be remembered by those children of mine.

Today is mu FIRST DAY of school. I am a student again. I was almost late because there were so many last minute requests. The funny thing was
the topics I taught my students were also tackled by my teacher. As always I am anxious and not confident with my works especially during first day.



I know the person I used to know is still there and he knows I am always here and be there for him.
Xoxo luv u good nyt… Sweet kisses xoxo





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