The Celebration Goes On

Well, life has so much to offer to me in spite of the financial struggles and must-to-pay obligations, my willingness to help others paid off. The staff in the Holy Family Church’s Migrant Skilled Programmes invited me for lunch out today. It was at Orchard Central. My kind of dishes, Japanese food!!! I love everything about it. Thank you girls!!! I maybe quiet because I don’t know them very well but I am glad to meet good people who have the hearts to serve God and others. Let’s celebrate the blessings of God and beauty of life!!!

happy birthday mug

Baby, you know I am near,
Standing always by your side.
I’ll help you from your woes
For I love you in ways everlasting.

Baby, you have conquered my heart,
And you know I care and understand.
You’re in my heart, loving you till death
Sorry, I don’t mean harm

I want to be there when your down
I’ll run miles to be there for you
If I fly to the sunrise or sail beyond the sea,
Still I’d always be there.

happy birthday luv





We can have it here… Reminded me of the buffet, we sort of talked about when we were at Somerseit last time…
It’s up to you, my…my… It will be absolutely fun plus you in the picture.
Xoxo.. Nyt!!nyt… Xoxo luv u more….
(Blogging—as in composing this post while riding a bus… 😉 amazing for my head doesn’t hurt)


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