Date at the Park









There was a glow in your eyes when your uttered my name
The most beautiful and sweetest smile for so long not seen
Your palms on mine, the mynas dancing with joy
Beneath your strong arms were my tears of gladness
Finally awaken with the God watching over the two of us
The angels chanted while were lying on the grass
Your head on my lap, our lips touched passionately
The cooling atmosphere in the park caught with the fire in our hearts
Hey, I packed some food especially made for you, my dear
We witnessed the horizon and I leaned my head on you
I whispered, “I love you endlessly and I am always here”
You smiled with no response and you let go of me
I begged for you to stay because I wanted to be there for you
Believe in your dreams and support you all the way
My tears blurred my sight and you were fading slowly
I couldn’t grasp your hand for you perished in a dream
We are free to choose and liberty belongs to both of us
The beautiful park, the green garden is our rendezvous
Come and join me again for I will always make you the happiest man

My colleagues praised me with what I was wearing. Today I am grateful for the blessings of good food from my new family. Thank you Lord. I know that You will always provide and thank You for all the good people surrounding me. I am really blessed to be here and given the chance to use my skills and earned from it.




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