Gifts for You and Me

A Gift for Me

My colleague gave me this gift for the favors I did. I am so grateful 🙂 Not only that, I received lots of food. It is more than enough for dinner. No need to cook! Aside from that, an old lady wished me ‘take care of myself’ after the mass ended. She added that I am very well dressed and I look nice in what I am wearing. I did good deeds to my new colleagues too. I am so grateful for all my blessings and the good people I met. People’s good words remind me that I am a beautiful person the way I am and appreciated of who I am. Thank you very much Lord for all the gifts of kindness and good deeds from others.

My artistic skills and pieces put me into trouble and God knows I was deeply sorry. I despised my skills at that moment and hated myself for possessing such gifts and used them as the tool for my diversion and expressing myself. I never touched my materials. Now, I thought of creating that will never be seen and hidden in my sketchbook. My gift for you, from the heart. No one will see but only me.

A GIFT FOR US — Friendship
Xoxo… Miss u… Miss u… Luv u more… Hope u know, my friend… Xoxo



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