Eternal Moments

2 different individuals
2 strangers in a big world
2 lives entangled by fate
2 complicated
2 explain
6 times the fun
6 hundred questions
6 million stars
6 billion creations
6 pm waiting for you
6 messages and
6 missed calls
6 gallon of tears
I need at you at 6 am
Breakfast is ready
My dearest friend

8 for eternity never ends
8ernal moments with u
8 with me, a buffet for us!!!
8’s our freedom to fly
8’s our time to shine
8’s our season to love
8 turn to 90 degrees is infinity




The countdown continues
I want u to know I am here
I still care and always be
Unchanging heart and
Undying love
Too bad, you don’t know
Too bad, all doors are shut
My mouth is sealed
But it’s alright, I can scribble more
I love you, good night!!!
I hope we are in speaking terms
I hope you can hear me
The truest heart is the one who’s willing to sacrifice.
Like the old story in the Holy Bible on how King Solomon knew who among the two women whom claimed as the baby’s mother was the legitimate one. The untruthful one cared of satisfying her desires not the child’s welfare. The real one was willing to give in for the sake of her child.

God knows I did what I should do and beyond— If I am here where I am in your life because it is where you wanted me to be!!! I disapproved and wanted to yell ‘hey, I can do more!!!’ Yet, I back off because this makes you happy!!!


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