Kiss Me Under the Rain


A feeling of anguish with the cloudburst
My thoughts concerned with your safety
A drizzle to cat-and-dog, are you fine?
Keep calm passing the watery highways
Are you soaked without your coat on?
A spare of my umbrella just for you
My baby, at the misty road I stopped
Waiting patiently with a huge smile
Emerge in the middle of heavy downpour
Hold me in your colossal robust arms
No thinking twice just feel my heartbeat
I’m yours, kiss me under the rain!!!
In this unknown world, so many mysteries
You really don’t know what you’ll get
Listen to the rhythm of the rain
Sing along and dance crazily with me
Smooches while painting rainbows!

Even it rains in my life, I still love u more!


singing happy birthday on the rain

With this freezing morning, a cup of coffee will warm your day… Good morning!!! Breakfast is ready…


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