Beware of the Sun!


I am not out sunbathing to get sunburn. I hope that it really happens at least I enjoy the beach during summertime. Of course, considering the current situation, not this time yet… I freeze fun time and let all the adventures stay in my mind for awhile. This carefree and fun-loving girl needs to consider other priorities.

Out where the sun is not totally safe. Beware of the sun’s rays because it can really damage your skin as I experienced. First, I had the allergies. After I took all the prescribed tablets, my skin no longer itchy and there were patches left. I presumed, I am well. Yet, few days after, the itchiness went back and the redness spread from my neck to my entire chest. I tried putting prickly heat powder to lessen the itchiness but my skin looked swelling. I visited my doctor and sought for her advice. I was scared I am infected with some sort of skin disease, which I never had before. Besides, I take my vitamins daily…. My doctor said that it had nothing to do with skin disease but it was due to the very warm weather and dust. Too much exposure to the sun or staying in a poorly ventilated place caused me to sweat a lot and probably dried on my skin that triggered fungal infection. Yeah, lately surrounded with dusts due to renovation and changing new computers in my working place. In addition to that, I am so occupied with new projects that I needed to walk back and forth, and I did a lot of walking and exercise lately that caused me to sweat a lot.

Well, at least it’s not swelling and not so itchy, thanks to the cream that my doctor suggested to me. Now, it looks somewhat like sunburn…. Surely it will heal but it will take some time. It’s Saturday, I have to do some housekeeping and rearranging of my personal belongings.

Thus, avoid staying long underneath the sun especially in this warm weather because any infection that it caused can possibly happen.




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