A Song for Melody (Happy Birthday, Girl)

I have no money and it’s my friend’s birthday. All I have is my creativity. Thus, I made a collage and composed for her so that she’ll know I don’t forget her big day. For sure, she presumed I have forgotten… I was tired last night and slept early. Thus, we have not spoken that much and watched our favorite Korean drama ‘Ruby’ together.

Well, the beautiful young lady will be surprised with all of these… I hope she’ll be happy and grateful with my kind thoughtfulness. She taught me so many things such as cooking, beauty remedies and help me keeping my stuff as well… It’s fun to have her around 😉

happy birthday didi
True friendship knows no barrier
Age, language and race don’t matter
As long as we enjoy each other
My friend, thanks for the joy
And being there when I’m alone
Thank you for being patient
For understanding my ups and downs

Carve a smile on your face today
It’s your special day, big girl!
Celebrate a year of miracle
Everyday is a blessing and a gift
Don’t let anyone hinder your goals
Be resilient and optimistic
You’ll have what you want

There’s a melody playing in me
Let me sing the song to you
Don’t mind if I sound not good
‘Happy birthday, my dear friend!’
You told me that someday we’ll part
Then, we might not see one another
I said, ‘See you in heaven then’


It’s YOUR Birthday!!!  Smile and have fun!!!


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