11:11 pm

5.30 am – I greeted you as usual, I gave you a call and sent you sweet morning greetings that were obviously not meant to reach you

7.30 am – I am off to work after I am done preparing and packing the food for my breakfast and lunch. I even wondered if you had a cup of coffee or grabbed something to eat before heading to your office. 🍵☕️

8.54 am – My boss called, he arrived from one week holiday. Well, your day must have started too 😉 Seize the day!!! Carpe diem😇

9.32 am – My boss said, we would have a meeting by 9.30 am. But, he was not around so I left my station to look for him at his office. Then, I met him on my way… How about you, will I meet you half way???

10.15 am – The item that I procured arrived earlier than expected. My boss was impressed and praised me ‘good work!’ I hope your happy for me… I love my job even if it’s a bit boring… Do you love yours too and enjoy it like I do? 🏫☎️

11.04 am – I brought my lunch in the library because I needed to use the Final Cut Pro installed in the Mac desktop deployed in there. Hey, don’t forget to eat your lunch 🍴🍲🍜🍧🍸😃

2.36 pm – I presumed that I am done with my students’ broadcasting videos. I went out to check if the contractors cleared the stuff in the special room. To my dismay, I found the person who would the flooring and he complained. He even sent a message to my boss about it.😫

3.18 pm – The operation manager brought five men to heed to my request. Gosh, now I am mostly working with men from all sorts of ages and jobs!!! I felt like so lesbian right now!!! Will I change my gender preference???😱 If I will turn I become a lesbian and I still love you, then that will make a gay… Lol 😂

4.08 pm – I left my phone in the office and I missed my colleague’s missed calls and SMS. My colleague needed to pass me the files for video editing. My bad!!!😪. I thought it was a missed call and SMS from u😋

4.35 pm – I had so many things done today. I watched one episode of ’48 Hour Mystery’ before I went back. However, I spent all the time thinking of u and only u. 😘

5.15 pm – I am taking my sweet time strolling on the park. I am taking a hike everyday going to church to attend the evening mass



6.15 pm – I attended the mass and I always pray for your success and safety. 🙏💒
7.33 pm – I reached home after a long walk. I made a carrot soup with meat. Wanna try😊? Unbelievable for my $10 grocery lasted for two weeks. In times of disaster, I learned not only how to cook but also learn how to budget!!! And save lots of money 😉 Amazing!!!😎


8.35 pm – I did my laundry and the usual everyday take-care-of-myself ritual…

9.45 pm – Done keeping my laundry and tidying up my room. How about you???

11.00 pm – Relax time is over… Do some stretching… Exercise!!! You have to move it!! Move it!!! Ur good with this…

And then,


Well, in between and all the time, I never skipped and stopped thinking of you and I wish a lot….





Xoxo… Good night… I miss you with all of me

Xoxo… Luv u so much… Take care…

I will give you a series of calls and thousands of messages to ensure your safety… Oops, no worries… None will reach you… Stay calm and be handsome and hot forever!!!



Btw, my summer selfie look… This is what I wore to work today…



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