To Papa G, My Forever Love


Can you hear me in heaven?
Will my love reach beyond?
Our connection is endless
A chain of everlasting love
Not even death can break our bond

Papa G, you don’t disappear
You continued the journey
Yet, you chose not to bring me
I kept my promise of a new home
Remember? I told you we’d get one!

Papa G, hope you don’t mind
The round trip ticket I reserved
Belonged not to you but my beloved
I wouldn’t explore the world with you
Yet, he’ll be there to hold my hand

Papa G, my one and only avid fan
Thank you for loving me so dearly
For always believing and understanding
Thank you for visiting me in my dreams
Giving me hope and to have faith

Papa G, you are not physically here
To share this special moment with us
Still in our hearts, you’ll always dwell
Papa G, you were right and you knew
Everything will come true in God’s time !!!

Happy Father’s Day, Papa!!!
I love you very much!!! I will never ever forget you!!!

You’re always alive in my heart!!!


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