On Dreams and Miracles

Two weeks after I received my card for employment, I immediately lost it. I found out that it was missing on the day I was about to meet my friends for a farewell lunch out dedicated to a friend who intended to leave the country for good. I was two hours late because I kept on searching for my card but couldn’t find it anywhere. For the following days, I looked in my room and rearranged my things. My friend even helped me with the search of my card. We failed and couldn’t find it.

Since I was anxious and so worried in losing a very important card, the incident went into my dream. In my dream, I found my card inside a wooden box (bigger than the one I owned) at the drawer of my friend. When I woke up, I felt sad and told my friend that I needed to make a police report because I couldn’t find my pass. The dream didn’t give me hope but made me feel more upset because a friend once told me that what happened in dreams would be the opposite in reality. Thus, I concluded that if I found it in my dream, I wouldn’t find it in reality.

Then, I dreamed of finding it again but in that dream I found it with my younger brother. So, I lost hope of finding it. Eventually, I told what happened to my brother and it worried him. According to him, I needed to pay 500 dollars to get a new one. God, so expensive I have no money!!!
Then, the lady at the counter wouldn’t allow me to send money home again without it. The doctor at the clinic wouldn’t allow me to go for check-up again unless I bring my card along. But, how when I lost it???? I didn’t make any report to my company because I am afraid to pay a large amount…

I watched the movie ‘Blended’ and the line that struck me was ‘do you believe in miracles?’ After the movie and doing some cleaning, I took a nap. My friend woke me up to pass a letter. I am delighted to see what was inside the letter because it was my evening classes schedule. I am so glad to be accepted even if I didn’t make a full payment. It thrilled me to be a student again.

Well, I had nothing to do tonight… So, I thought of sewing and fixing my old clothes. Hey, I am very good with stitching… I made my dolls’ clothes and redesigned my dresses last time!!!

So, I was looking for thread and needle in my drawer beside my little wooden box. Suddenly, I froze…. I was just like how I dreamt it!!! My God!!! I found my card… It was to my disbelief because last time I searched it twice with my friend. I overjoyed to find my card after almost three months of losing it!!! I sent a message to my two younger brothers and they were happy and grateful to God too.

Hence, there are message in dreams that we should not ignore. God talks to our dreams and there are always truth in my dreams. Everyday is a beautiful day and miracle can always happen if we open our hearts.

Thank you, Lord for everything!!!!

Miracle can happen to you too
And dreams do come true…
Luv u so
Miss u, miss u
Good night!!!
Sweet dreams!!!




God can do anything, you know—far more than you could ever imagine or guess or request in your wildest dreams! He does it not by pushing us around but by working within us, his Spirit deeply and gently within us.
Ephesians 3:20


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