Guess Who is the Man?

Gentle and good-natured

Amazing and awesome

Responsible and righteous

Yearning and youthful

Skillful and super great!

Understanding and unique

Zesty and zealous

Handsome and hot

Incredible and irresistible

Qualified and quick-witted

Interesting and inspirational

Noteworthy and naughty (maybe) 😉

Like no any ordinary man

One of a kind and special

Victorious man in the globe

Everyday I pray for you

Sincere phrases from the heart—

Guess who is the man?

Empowering my head and heart

No one else but you, my dear!

Everlasting is my constant love

Valorous man on the street

I am always here and there for you

Endless heartbeats are only yours

Vine of love keeps on growing

Even in afterlife, I’ll still love you!

by Lionel Ritchie and Diana Ross “Endless Love”


Once upon a time… the story continues…

For the living always has a tale to tell 😉



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