Unmask the Devil

The world is filled with deceptions and pretenders.


I can’t believe what my friend shared about bewitching others for affection. Hey, this is a modern world!!! Who on earth in the right mind will do such act???

I’m glad that even if my father was not really a wealthy man but still he was a man of God. He raised us with fear in the Almighty. Papa always said, ‘never call the Devil’s aid because the exchange rate is very high. Anything that comes from the hands of Darkness brings no true happiness’.

Love is not dictated or forced to others. It is not a prison cell but flying free. It is not a trap and a mental poison. It is the joy in the heart and a friendship that is lasting. It is not being there to justify and please others. It is not a theater show and perfect poster pictures. It is never an obligation and responsibility. It is not taking advantage or gaining benefits. It is not fulfilling the desires and needs. But the wisdom of your heart and accepting God’s gift.

Love is being there. Sharing ups and down with no fear in one’s heart.

Whoever you are and whatever you call me, none of it is true. I am a friend from the beginning until the end. I am true to my feelings and tried to do it all. If you think that you’re greater than me and you have the advantage… Good for you!!! Well, nothing can ruin my courage and faith. Your incantations won’t work on me. Like the saints and apostles whom are my inspirations, I too believe that my God is absolutely powerful compared to the deities you worshipped. If it worked with someone, then you’ve got nothing to be scared. You already have what you wanted with the Devil in your side.

Don’t play the role of the innocent victim or the hero of the story. One day, someone will unmask you and reveal your rotten heart… the true color of your soul. How I pity you for calling Satan’s name!!! Look at your reflection, you already become one!!!! Why you have to rely on your Master to hold someone in the neck??? Indeed, you have it all but living in the hell you created… Mental and emotional tortures, scrutinies and criticisms, and all forms of abuses. Yes, you won. But, tell me are you truly happy??? If those are the prizes of winning, then I am very grateful to God that I lose… Henceforth, the one who wins loses a lot and the one who loses gains the prize crafted by God.



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