😘 My Beloved, Sleep Well╮(╯^___^╰)╭!


My beloved, no one told me to wait. Nonetheless, I patiently and strongly stood in the midst of the thunderstorm grasping a broken umbrella. A lot of people considered me a dimwit with low emotional quotient, some mocked my stupidity but none of their negative words shattered me. Eventually, there were times my inner strength deteriorated and I wept to sleep😭Foolish heart!!!😫

Nevertheless, in my foolishness and weakness, I found the better side of me. My beloved, I never expected the reality of love turned out to be in the roof I am currently sheltered. Who said I never tried to give my heart a break? The fact was I did. Sadly, nothing felt the same. Thus, I let the chances slipped away because I couldn’t betray my great love for you.

My beloved, I randomly let you feel my presence but no worries I won’t be your paparazzi— I won’t follow you until you love me…☺️LOL😝

Though at times, I wish to be your stalker. 😒 Yet, I want a meaningful life not a miserable one. 😊Seriously, my beloved I realized that loving someone truthfully means choosing his happiness before my own. Thus, I let you be even I wanted you here and be there for you. I wanted to indirectly tell you that I exist and I will always care no matter what are the circumstances. Hence, every night to God to lend me His strength so that I cwill still endure.

My beloved, there are so many times I heard your voice in my dreams but its echoes vanquished when I opened my eyes. It felt like centuries. It be the greatest delight of my heart to hear you again. My beloved, it’s late and you’re tired. I am done cooking my meals for tomorrow. Yeah, I am now good in budgeting and learning how to cook. I hope to improve and prepare one special dish for you someday.

My beloved, you needed your rest. 😘. Don’t stress yourself and sleep well. 😴May God’s angels watch your safety and meet you at our rendezvous in my slumber world.💏

Why am I still here? Is it I who wished for this??? Or maybe someone else….
U knw I love u. Always did and always will😍
💋 xoxo ❤️ good night 🌜





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