I Give You All of Me




No regrets when I gave what was asked or shared the little things I had. It was the point of my life, I took the challenge and bet my heart. Nonetheless, it was no game for me and I was only true to what I felt.

God knows that I tried my best to reach this far and be there. In my heart, you were the same man I used to know and you are there. Wake up and find me again.

Be strong, be brave…. It’s all you need. What’s there to fear when you are true to yourself? Is there a shame to love truthfully???

Don’t see with your eyes, feel with your heart. Not so much of your brains and lower down your horses. How will you know when you never give it a try? Inside your heart, there’s the whisper of that little voice unheard convincing you that it’s alright and everything will work fine.

Out of the comfort zone lies what you’re looking for and what you really want…

I love you, good morning. 😘 xoxo. Miss yah!!!




by John Legend “All Of Me”


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