Hope He Knows….


I am the one with crazy adventures in my head and always energetic who crave more in life…. Let’s do whatever pleases you…

I am the one who reads all sort of stuff and can’t wait to apply in reality. Well, let’s be naughty and nice… Blowing up each other’s minds… 😉

I am a shallow one who can easily laugh, be entertained and pleased… Also can easily forgive… I don’t nag and argue… For I know when to shut up and listen.

I am the one who believes in him and proud of his expertise…. Always loving him and giving him hints that I am here and I always care. I will not trade him for money or for someone new. I only want to be there and support him by all means…

I am the one who wishes to cook, shop and tidy up a special someone’s mess… And surprise him with my sweet nothingness… Just be there for him… Will he like a cup of coffee in the morning or chill with a can of beer before he sleep?

I am the one who pleases others with how I carry myself and impresses them with my skills. Always work hard and do my best at all times…

I am the overly romantic one who loves to compose and draw my heart’s content. Greeting him in the morning and night…in my space, in my heart… In my silence… For I respect people’s decision even it hurts so much I remain brave…

I am the one who is always true, loving, patient, generous, strong… And remains in spite of the coldness and indifferent… Independent and carefree…. And always here waiting for a hug and a kiss!!! I am not a meanie… No enemies… Everybody’s friends and share my smile to all… I just remembered the little boy in the bus yesterday who waved and said goodbye to me. He briefly saw me and didn’t know me but his little gesture reminded me how blessed I am to easily win others.

I am the one who saves for tomorrow to travel the world with him and to have a financial secure future.

I am the one who loves my family… Values my friend… I may chose to be secluded as of this moment for in needed to by on my own to be one with myself… I am so sorry to all of them…

I am the one who achieved higher learning with a good career but still continues studying to make him proud and prove to him that I can elevate my status… And no one in the society will look down at me in spite of my accent, looks, roots and AGE… I am full of hope in my heart even in this hopeless situation.

I am the one who keeps on praying for him everyday… Illuminate a candle to the Blessed Mother and listen to God’s words… Pray the rosary, the angels and saints for everyone and specially for his welfare…

Yet, everything is in my mind. I am all by myself with no one.

People won’t believe the fact that I have no one, they always think that I don’t want to share… Or they’ll jump to the conclusion that I am picky….

So many people say, any man is LUCKY to have you…

Deep inside, I said, ‘hope he knows…’
And I closed my eyes to see him and told him, ‘HOPE YOU KNOW!’



Good morning, my baby 😉



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