What Will You Say?

I overreacted and just too concerned with my well-being. Even though the itchiness is tolerable still I felt not ignoring it. Henceforth, I informed my boss about my condition and he told me that I was possibly reacted to something. I mentioned to him that I don’t have any allergic history. He commented that sometimes our body’s tolerance to a certain food content changes if we’re not exposed to it for a very long time. Yet, I feared the worst like shingles 😱 (the poster on the bus stop alarmed me) or eczema 😨(as my friend in the house has such skin condition). I also felt a bit feverish.

Thus, I didn’t work today. So, I had time cooking a pork vegetable soup for myself. When I went to the clinic, the doctor assured that it was nothing to be concerned and such condition has nothing to do with age. My boss is probably right. It rained heavily when I reached home. I immediately opened my notebook to complete my tasks. I saw the old photos. Hey, it’s throwback Thursday!!!😃 Will he remember???😙. What will he say?😄 Old memories discovered, the young adult whom I didn’t know. I hesitated but there was no harm in letting him know☺️. It was cute… Wait, I made a photo collage… Will he point out himself on the images same as how quickly I identified him? I remembered how my heart leaped in different directions when I first laid eyes on them. Unbelievable coz I was not looking for them… Abracadabra, they appeared!! Hope, he’ll ‘open sesame!!’ his heart😊

🕐It’s late… Xoxo.. Probably you’re asleep… 👄Xoxo… ❤️Luv u, 💏 good night!!! 💋Mwaaahhhh…. 😘



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