Hey, Mr Sexy!!!

hey sexy copy

How hot you look with your shirt on?
It’s not getting slimmer, just fits right!
And we meet again on a beautiful morning
You smiled first and I returned you mine
Can a brief second last for a lifetime!!!

Hey, Mr Sexy!!! You’re a hottie as always!
Will you come around and look at me?
Let’s talk… I don’t mind, my dear…
All my time is yours, just say the words
Who cares with others when I have you?

Hey, Mr Sexy!!! You’re astonishing
A sunshine smile for a morning bliss
NO regrets in falling in love with you
You just don’t realize you’re so special
Hey, Mr Sexy!!! Can I call you again?

Hey, Mr Sexy!!! All the kings vow
Spring flower blossoms on your path
Your fragrance drives me totally mad
Can I touch you all over once more???
Mr Sexy, can you hold and kiss me again???

borrow my eyes and see…
You’re always beautiful…
worry not, my baby 😉

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