Fabulous 30+



Well, let’s face it… life is not a package of everything and this is the choice I made. Home alone on Friday night watching a Thai movie entitled, ‘Fabulous 30’. A certified romantic comedy that is something I want to deny that I can relate. HEY SISTER!!! Yeah, I forgot I am the BIG SIS!!!
I don’t live my life inside the cinema. Nonetheless, I may not want it but things happen and my wits trash to the bin. When you love, you accept and respect their choices. And you only hope in your heart that you can be there for that special person in the ways you can.


If you only knew how much I fought and what I had to undergo to be here… And you don’t have the slightest idea how I wish to hear and see you. If you only let my beautiful blossom in your heart, you will understand and know how it feels…with no disappointments and I will make you the happiest and the proudest man in the world. I have everything but you are missing
I MISS U SO MUCH and it makes me cry coz I want to see but how??? and I want to hear u but will u let me???

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Fabulous 30 movie review
‘Fabulous 30!’ movie review by http://awickedthought.blogspot.sg
I am 30+++ always optimistic and joyful and…

If a million people miss you, I am one of them
If a hundred people miss you, I am still one of them
You are like the pearl that is one with the ocean…
Xoxo luv u so… Luv u more… Xoxo
if you want to meet the person you love
But you don’t know where they are, what would you do?
YOU WAIT… if they want to be with you, they will return…
What if they won’t return?


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