So Many Possibilities

All these possibilities
Oh these possibilities
Are written in the stars
We are who we are baby
And I can’t help but think that possibly
There’s possibility

If I expected or foretold this, I won’t be here experiencing the hurricane and sickness in my heart. I won’t thirst for something I won’t have or dreaming to satisfy the hunger rooted within. If I knew how everything will turn up, I would walk away or ignored you on that particular night. Likewise, what we didn’t know that there was more to it. So, it lingers in my heart and resides forevermore. With God, possibly there’s possibility . The most important thing is to true to myself for everything that happened was my weakness which made me the strongest. Now, whatever you’ll give…

Like my awesome bro idol Barney always said


and ‘it will be


Certified fanatic and obsessed with Gray and Juvia…. Love Gray forever!!! Edited using Adobe Premiere Pro CS4.




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