Isn’t it funny I scared you?
Isn’t humorous, I am scarred?
It’s alright not to find you
I am aging fast, don’t look at me!!!
I am happy but lost in the mist
Contented but something is missing
If only you’ll remember the truth
Don’t let others alter your perception
Not chasing, not begging at all!!!
Just want to listen at your voice
Ease the emptiness of your absence
I am sick yet I needed to survive
On my own, I must be strong!!!


i can’t even put on make-up or powder because my face is itchy and felt like burning. my entire chest all the way to the neck is badly infected. i look like 20 years older than u… don’t look at me… don’t see me!!!

What’s On These Signs Is Enough To Break Your Heart. At 1:14 I Started Sobbing!

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