Why Am I Here?

When I was in my junior years in college, a fortune teller told me that I wouldn’t rush on settling down because I feared the financial struggles of the marital status. Indeed, every man I met only fed my fantasies and filled the pages of my diary. Actually, I was a coward in the matter of the heart for my ambitions and goals meant everything to me. Did my father choose the best schools for me so that I would end up as someone’s burden? Did I earn a degree to rely on another’s wallet? Perhaps, a lot was expected from me and I couldn’t risk it. Besides, people are unaware that giving up and not facing the challenges meant living a world deprived with what I am enjoying now.

Why am I here? What’s my purpose? I am here even if not all the members of this society fully accepted the likes of me because I know I can be more and improve in my craft. My boss even told me that who knows when the time comes I will be the next big thing. At home, the crabs are there who will only pull you down. It’s difficult to climb up the ladder especially if you have the potentials. So the doors here opened to me once again. And now, I am here…
No matter how tough it is to manage, I am here because I don’t want to be there where hunger and poverty are prominent. Then, even if I wanted to help, there’s little I can give.

There’s one guy I used to like during college days who told me that when we’ll meet again I will be very wealthy while he’s living simply. So far I am not financially abundant but I will do my best to elevate my life. During tertiary days, there were people who presumed I came from a well-off household. Maybe because of my confidence with how I dealt with others and how I wore my clothes. As what my Papa told me, I should not allow anyone to look down at me.

I am here because I deserved it and I am capable with what I am doing. I am an asset not a burden.

I went out for a burger with a friend. I am so grateful with the time he allocated for me and for helping me with my queries. He really went all the way and spent the evening just to explain so many work-related stuff to me. I am so grateful at him for his time and assisting me with what I needed to do even if we hardly knew each other. Thank you, Lord for those people whom I can count on in times of my uncertainties and when I am blur with so many issues. Bless you my friend!!! God will reward your kindness. I believe what you share to others will go back to you. What will you expect if you don’t do any????

I said what I have to say… Maybe, it is best said here….
Xoxo… I luv u more…. Xoxo… Good night and miss u… Miss u very much!!!!
This one is done with all efforts using emoji keyboard characters…



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