Welcome Back

U just don’t know how my heart wouldn’t stop from beating. In disbelief, I couldn’t catch my breath. Yet, I have to keep calm because I had duties and responsibilities. I needed to be efficient!!! There was a man who commented that in my job I am the one who knew everything. I replied that it was so scary to know it all… I am not a mini God.

First day of school holiday is not happy-go-lucky day. My hands are full as usual. My boss gave a lunch treat at Hans. Then, we discussed about our plans for the department. I am an advocate in education, I will exert my best to assist him and hope our efforts will bear productive outcome.

I am a student again!!! I am one thick skin. I told the lady I would only pay a certain amount. The rules stated pay it all or my registration would be cancelled or I wouldn’t avail the discount. God, they gave me consideration without me begging for it. I never expected this from them… I only said one line and no drama… ONLY MY HONESTY!!! Then, congrats I am officially enrolled.




This is my world💋 All I wanna say is hi… Miss u and luv u more…

Images via tumblr.com


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