My Accidental 4.39 AM Call…

Last Saturday night, I was done composing the e-mail that marked my stupidity. I read and couldn’t get all the acronyms… Why the heck they won’t use layman’s terms rather than use those jargon which any ordinary being like me with limited vocabulary wouldn’t decipher?

No choice. I bravely sought for help. Afterwards, I had this urge to call. Likewise, all I did was stared blankly at the number on my phone. No guts to dial. Hey, don’t disturb people on their Saturday extravaganza. Then, I drifted into my sweet slumber.

My alarm was ringing. Shucks!!! I set it to everyday… It was Sunday, no working time!!! Damn me…. I was so sleepy and pressed wrongly. What did I just do??? Omigosh!!! I pressed call. No, no… I tried to cancel but I trembled and the ringing continued.

What the heck??? What kind of person would call such time??? My clumsiness… Sometimes, I hate touchscreen smartphones… Coz everything easily pressed and what I am not supposed to do happened.

4.39 AM I made a wrong call… Last time, my old phone just dialed randomly people in my contact list without me pressing it…. But, at this point, blamed it to me and my sleepyhead. Whatever you think… God knows, I am telling the truth. Lord, I am absolutely sorry!!!

Sound insane and unbelievable. Yet, it happened folks!!! Sorry 😦


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