I didn’t walk away, you were aware how hard I fought my battles and natural calamities were not excluded.

You should not think that I gave up that easily and flew away. I WILL ALWAYS WANT U!!!

I am totally devastated with emptiness inside. Everything I had were about to be ruined and I am all shattered inside. It broke me to zillion pieces with all the uncertainties. Worst of all, the complexities of the love I chose, fractured my limbs and stopped my arteries from pumping blood to my system. I was hopeless… This LOVE WRECKED ME… to my very core!!!

Yet, I am not blinded for I chose to be blind. It was my decision and no one influenced me with it. It really hurt because I only loved truthfully with nothing to hide…. I revealed it all!!!


Look at me now!!! I am here because I deserve to be here. The love that ruined me is the reason I move forward. I didn’t kiss death or made a pact with the devil. I knew, no matter how people refused to see my goodness and only has eyes on my mistakes and stupidities, I am still grateful to be me and thankful to all my blessings. I take everything positively.

This love builds me to become stronger and value myself even more. I appreciate the beauty in me and I am comfortable walking in my skin. I don’t want to be someone I am not. After all this love taught me humility, to compromise and be true to myself. Amidst it all, the discouragements and hopelessness, I found God. I learned to TRUST Him and have FAITH. I am alone but with the memories of my love in my heart, I am not lonely at all.


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